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Best Programming language to learn

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As an aspiring programmer, you will always ask yourself these few questions; which language to choose?, What is the easiest programming language?, What is the best language to start programming?

Imagine learning to program with a language and then discovering that it is not used by companies, or that it is in great demand, but not for what you had in mind to do. Maybe you dreamed of developing applications for smartphones and instead you find yourself building websites!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to choose your first programming language having all this information at your disposal?

To help you, I have selected the 4 most recommended languages and analyzed them in several aspects:

  • Learning speed: How simple and quick to learn?
  • Applications: Where to use language? What can you do with it? What is it used for?
  • Work demand: How much is required in the world of work? For which tasks?
  • Resources: Are there books, tutorials, and courses to start studying it? Are they quality? Free or paid?

By the end of this tutorial, You will be able to evaluate for yourself and know which programming language is most suitable for you.

Let’s begin?

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

The most recommended languages

Below are the four most recommended programming languages when starting up are a beginner. Consider the learning speed and work demand when considering job employment.

C Language.

  • Learning speed – 3/10
  • Application – 5/10
  • Work Demand – 1/10
  • Resources – 5/10

Java Language

  • Learning speed – 5/10
  • Application – 8/10
  • Work Demand – 10/10
  • Resources – 8/10

Python Language.

  • Learning speed – 10/10
  • Application – 6/10
  • Work Demand – 5/10
  • Resources – 9/10

JavaScript Language

  • Learning speed – 10/10
  • Application – 10/10
  • Work Demand – 9/10
  • Resources – 8/10

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

I’ll tell you right away:
There is no perfect programming language.

Now you know it and you can put your heart in peace.
You also need to know that to become a developer it is important to know more than one.

But how? So what is this article for?

What you should know as a Beginner Programmer

Now I’ll explain it.

Smiling face

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to start studying programming. And just like at the beginning of each journey, you are considering the best way to go. You will meet descents and climbs, you can take shortcuts or obstacles, but the important thing is to achieve the result you want.

The first intersection, the one that everyone passed through, is the choice of a programming language, but it is not a simple crossroads with just two choices, far from it, it is a huge intersection with many different branches: Java, C, Python, Ruby, Javascript, PHP …

What is the best way for a novice?
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Answers to theses question vary. Some people will recommend their favorite language for you, and tell you that it is the most popular, it is the fastest and so on. But none of these answers take into account the most important thing: Your Purpose.

Why do you want to learn to program?
Maybe for work, or to create your app or, again, to make the video game of your dreams.
What you will find below is my very personal analysis of the most well-known languages when it comes to starting to program.

You will have an informative summary that will inform you about strengths, weaknesses, and those who are most recommended and more. I

Now you have everything you need to make your choice, you just have to document and experiment.

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

Java language

java: best programming language
java: best programming language

Is Java The best language to start with?. Below are some of the criteria to guide you on your decision. Java Language Learning.

  • speed – 10/10
  • Application – 10/10
  • Work Demand – 9/10
  • Resources – 8/10

Java Advantages

  • In terms of Job opportunities, Java is the most requested and used language in the world of work (especially by the Enterprise).
  • Java is Suitable for any sector because It is very versatile, it is used in apps, software, web programming, big data, embedded systems, etc.
  • Good resources to get started
    Numerous resources available, even for beginners.

Java Disadvantages

Not very immediate to learn
It is based on an “intermediate” programming style (object-oriented programming), which is not suitable for beginners.

Using excessive “” and counterproductive
is indiscriminately used in any industry, without assessing the most suitable alternative. The consequence is an increase in development time and code complexity.

Java can be Recommended if:

  • Your priority is to be hired in a “traditional” company. It is the language most used by the Enterprise and allows you to build a solid working career.
  • Develop Android applications, because Java is the “native” language of this operating system. Warning: iOS and Windows Phone, have other “native” languages.
  • Become a Big Data specialist. The main tools in this sector use Java (Hadoop, HBase, Accumulo, ElasticSearch).

Javascript language

javascript js: best programming language

Is JavaScript the best language to start with? Below are some of the facts to guide you.

  • Learning speed – 10/10
  • Application – 10/10
  • Work Demand – 9/10
  • Resources – 8/10

Advantages of JavaScript

Easy to learn
Simple to learn and immediate to perform. You can start immediately without installing any particular program.

Strongly innovative
In recent years, JavaScript-based technologies have been developed that are revolutionizing every sector of development: front-end, back-end, mobile app (hybrid and native), software, Internet of Things.

Powerful and versatile
It is a multi-paradigm language and supports all three main programming paradigms: imperative, object-oriented and functional.

JavaScript Disadvantages

Bad reputation
Until recently, it was considered too simple and of little use. Only in recent years has it been re-evaluated thanks to important tools such as Node.js, Angular.js (from Google) and React / React-Native (from Facebook).

I strongly recommend javascript if:

1. You want to easily learn programming with a language suitable for any “level” of experience. It supports imperative programming (ideal for beginners), object-oriented programming (ideal for experts), and functional programming (ideal for genes).

2. You are interested in studying a single language common to multiple sectors. Javascript is omnipresent: according to statistics GitHub is the most used in front-end, back-end and full-stack development, but it is also used in mobile development (both hybrid and native apps), cross-platform software development and in the Internet of Things (IoT).

3. You want to follow technological innovation: many large companies such as PayPal, LinkedIn, Groupon, Facebook are abandoning well-tested and consolidated tools , to switch to more recent and specific Javascript technologies for each area.

4. You are interested in working at Startup: according to AngelList statistics, javascript is the most used language in this sector, but this should not be surprising since the strength of startups lies precisely in innovation.

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

Python language

python: best programming language

Is python the best language to start with? Below are some of the facts to guide you.

Python Language.

  • Learning speed – 10/10
  • Application – 6/10
  • Work Demand – 5/10
  • Resources – 9/10

Python Advantages

Simple but powerful

It is modern and easy to learn language, and it’s suitable for beginners and experts.

Scientific sector leader

Python is the most used language for data analysis, thanks to important libraries of mathematics, physics, engineering, GIS, machine learning, computer vision, computational science, etc.

Excellent Free Resources

The best books and manuals on Python are available for free online.

Python Disadvantages

Working limits

Little demand in the world of work except in the scientific / research field.

Python is Recommended if:

  • You want to quickly learn to program, with the addition of a pinch of fun. The fact that it is so simple and immediate makes it ideal for beginners.
  • You want to become a Data Scientist or work in the scientific / research field. Its scientific libraries are considered among the most important in the entire sector. If you want to pursue a career in this area, studying Python will open up enormous possibilities.

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

C Language

c programming

Is C the best language to start with? Below are some of the facts to guide you.

  • Learning speed – 3/10
  • Application – 5/10
  • Work Demand – 1/10
  • Resources – 5/10

C Advantages

  • It is the basis of programming languages. It is also important IT concept.
  • Most used in the computer industry For programming embedded systems.
  • Performance. Excellent Execution speed and resources used (RAM and CPU).

C Disadvantages

  • C is Difficult to learn – It is a language very close to machine language, it offers complex tools such as memory management and the use of pointers.
  • The use in companies is highly professional. It is very difficult to be hired only thanks to C, a strong IT background is usually required.
  • Few Resources for Beginners. Most books tend to be too technical and unsuitable for a self-taught.

C language is Recommended if:

  • Follow, or intend to follow, an academic study path. It is taught in school and university courses. Consequently, studying it as self-taught gives you a great advantage.
  • Become a specialist in particular areas related to hardware, such as programming operating systems or embedded systems.
  • In addition to learning programming, you want to learn the main fundamental concepts of computer science.

Topic: Best Programming language to learn

My humble opinion

U may ask, How do I choose the programming language to start from?

Many recommend a language based on technical characteristics, or because they teach cardinal concepts of computer science. In my opinion, it is not a completely correct attitude.

I do not mean that the theory, the various rules and good practices of setting the code are not important, far from it. But not to start.

Programming is beautiful, creative, fun. It is magical. Click To Tweet

My advice is to start with a language that stimulates your interest and feeds your desire to learn. There will be a lot of time, in your future career as a programmer, to immerse yourself in all those “less magical” aspects with which you will have to deal.

This is precisely the most important characteristic that a language must have (at least in my opinion).

To start, do not necessarily choose the most powerful, fastest or most popular programming language. Choose something that excites you, that motivates you to study and discover new things. Click To Tweet

Computer programming is a vast field and cannot be learned only with study and discipline, you have to feel love for what you do, only in this way can you become a great developer.

And with this beautiful sentence, I conclude my analysis.

I’d like to know your opinion on this topic, leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to read it.

Whatever your choice:
Happy programming!

Commonly Asked Questions

Java vs Javascript

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language built specifically to interface with web technologies, e.g. HTML. It does a great job of making web pages more appealing and interactive. While Java is specifically used in building standalone applications and also for server-side development.

Which programming language is best for getting job 2020

Python, Java, and JavaScript are the best programming language to learn in order to gain a job in 2020. The work demand is very high especially for python language and it’s easy to learn with a lot of free resources to guide you.

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