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Installing Android Studio

Before starting with the development of Android applications, it is necessary to configure the platform to be used for this purpose. This aspect involves a number of steps including the installation of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Android Studio development environment, which in turn includes the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The Software Development Kit (or, more briefly, SDK ) was developed using the Java programming language and …

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Android Architecture: Libraries, Linux Kernal, Application

Android Architecture is divided into five sections and four main layers namely; Application, Libraries, Linux kernal, Android Runtime, and Application Framework. In previous lessons, we became familiar with the Android Studio development environment and we created a simple test project to analyze some of its aspects. Before going into more advanced concepts, however, it is …

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Android Native vs Cross-Platform Development?

The approach to Android App Development is entirely easy, thanks to Android Studio: completely free tools and simplicity in setting up the development environment. In Android App Development, Assuming you have the necessary skills of the Java or Kotlin language, you soon realize that a smattering of syntax is often not enough. To properly exploit the possibilities offered by the framework …

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