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Freelance programmer & developer: how to be productive

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productive Freelance programmer & developer
productive Freelance programmer & developer

Among the advantages of working as a freelance programmer & developer, there is certainly the possibility to organize work in a completely autonomous way, managing time, space and commitment dedicated to the profession. Unfortunately, however, the market for these professionals is very complex and, to ensure sufficient revenue, we often find ourselves having to accept more jobs at the same time.

A fact that can generate anxiety, upset the daily routines and generate a lot of stress. How to manage stress, maintaining a high level of work performance?

There are many tips to put into practice to reduce stress and, at the same time, meet work commitments. Naturally, much depends on personal inclinations and the type of profession carried out, however, there are generic indications that could be universally useful.

Time of rest

The most important factor for living a freelancer existence at the minimum of stress, even at times of the year where work commitments are overlapped, is not to sacrifice too much the time to devote to rest. Whether it is a restful sleep or an evening of leisure with friends, carving out the daily spaces for themselves is essential to eliminate tensions, recharge the batteries and take advantage of more lucid thought.


Obviously, the need for rest should not be an excuse to delay expirations and deliveries: time must be managed and divided upstream so that there are no hitches.

Accumulating delays, in fact, does nothing more than increase the likelihood that the client will give up our contribution for future projects.

Work environment

Managing the work environment can also be useful to avoid stress, especially physical accumulated stress.

It is useful to set up an ergonomic workstation, for example, which allows you not to weigh down your back and shoulders already stiffened by anxiety and worries. In the same way, it is useful to guarantee sufficient natural light, compared to artificial light, as it has an immediate restorative effect on mood.

The discussion on the administration of the desk and the work plan is more complex, since much depends on one’s character. The advice is to keep the station in the most organized and orderly way possible, to avoid stress due to the search for documents, sheets or devices.

It is also true, however, that many professionals claim to feel more comfortable with a messy desk, so the choice is entirely personal.


It is good to eliminate all sources of distraction in your work environment because, although they can guarantee a momentary relaxation, they do nothing but stimulate delays and, consequently, fuel stress. It is, therefore, useful to switch off your personal smartphone and, in other rooms, to move all the disturbing elements: from the TV to the console, from the stereo system to the magazines.

The elimination of distractions must also take place at the level of the software used if you work with the computer.

It is better not to install chats, music or video streaming services, to limit access to all those sites that could be a source of disturbance, including social networks, with special plugins. Extremely useful, in this sense, is to create separate accounts for the various services, separating work life from the private one. For example, by exploiting two diversified e-mails, you will not fall into the temptation of wasting time by reading communications that have little professionalism.


While working, it is always necessary to take breaks, to reorganize the thought and proceed with more lucidity.

First of all, it is necessary every couple of hours to indulge in the movement, such as climbing up or down the stairs, to reactivate the blood circulation and take advantage of a better oxygenation. Still, it may be useful to listen to a piece of music, play for a few minutes with the pet, call a friend for a short chat.

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