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Golang developers are the highest paid in the USA – 2019 Tech Salary Report

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Golang - highest paid in usa
Golang – highest paid in usa

Golang. The software development industry is constantly evolving and is certainly one of the most relevant for many markets. Above all, programmers abroad are a very well-paid category, particularly as regards the development of certain types of applications and services.

Recently it was published by Dice, a company that deals with market research and tech jobs, the Tech Salary Report 2019.

This research has made known what are the skills related to software development best paid in the US labor market.

Analyzing the data, it emerges that the developer’s salaries have not increased significantly during 2018. This figure can be correlated with that of salary satisfaction which in 2018 is in sharp decline and about half of the interviewees say they are not satisfied with their salary.

In addition, as many as 70% of respondents said that they would be interested in changing companies while maintaining the same role, if they were granted a salary 15% higher than the one currently received.

The best-paid skills are those inherent to Golang, in fact, those who have good development skills in this language perceives on average a better pay than others. In addition to Golang, US companies are also interested in those who have skills with Kafka, with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Redshift.

This data should not be surprising given that Golang is a language that, if well mastered, offers top performance with reasonable resource consumption. Furthermore, the interest of companies towards those who have experience with Amazon’s database systems is confirmation of the shift of the market towards the Cloud Computing and the offer of web applications that base their functioning on Big Data.

Another interesting fact is represented by the interest in the possibility of working remotely. 21% of respondents say that they would like to be able to work remotely more often and 48% say that cutting salaries to work remotely is not something acceptable.

The work from home would still arouse the interest of a minority of the interviewed programmers, for the moment it would seem that the classic office location is still the preferred one in the USA.

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