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Python is mostly used with Javascript than any other languages

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The Python Software Foundation and JetBrains, a company that develops several open source IDEs, have conducted a survey on Python developer preferences titled Python Developers Survey. The sample analyzed by the two teams consists of more than 20 thousand developers operating in 150 different countries.

The report analyzes in depth the state of the Python ecosystem, from the most used tools from the community to the specific language versions implemented in the various projects.

28% of respondents said they use Python as a programming language for data science applications, in particular, they are data analysis projects (17%) and machine learning (11%).

But one of the most interesting data is the use of Python in combination with other programming languages. In fact, 50% of respondents use Python in association with JavaScript and 45% with HTML and CSS. Most of the Python applications produced would then be in the field of Web applications and Cloud computing services.

In fact, 50% of the sample said to use Python mainly in Web development. This trend is also confirmed for Web frameworks where Flask (47%) and Django (45%) are the two most popular projects.

These data show very clearly the evolution of the software development sector. In recent years, in fact, we have moved ever more insistently from a model of development of native applications to one more based on Web applications and offers of Cloud services.

These services are obviously built on Web technologies, to be available through users’ Internet browsers and, very often, they have a solid base in Python necessary for the management of Big Data essential for the functioning of artificial intelligence.

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