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See Visual Studio 2019 Features: Available on April 2nd

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Microsoft has announced that April 2 will begin to distribute the stable version of Visual Studio 2019, the new major release of the company’s developer platform. The Visual Studio 2019 development started in June 2018 and in these months his team has introduced several features that are particularly interesting for developers of the .NET ecosystem.

The Visual Studio 2019 IDE supports several types of programming and development languages, such as C, C ++, C #, F #, Visual Basic .Net, Html, and JavaScript.

The latest preview of Visual Studio 2019 also includes the Live Share coding-collaboration service or the Redmond tool that allows developers using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code to collaborate remotely and in real time to the same project.

Microsoft is working hard “under the hood” of its IDE in order to make it leaner and faster in the opening of projects and, in particular, on the most recently modified code. In fact, in the stable version of Visual Studio 2019, the opening times should be significantly reduced.

Microsoft has also implemented a system that highlights any code problems and notifies them to the user while browsing the source through a practical icon in the scrollbar.

From Visual Studio 2019 the debugging tool can also work with applications written in Python, Flask, and Django.

Regarding the development of Android applications, support for constraint layouts and deployment with Xamarin has been updated. Android has become much faster.

Via Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event

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