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Lesson 44: Active Link Building- Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 44: Active Link Building- Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 44: Active Link Building- Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 44: Active Link Building- Website SEO Tutorial - Active Link
Active Link

As an active link Building, one refers to all activities that are used to get backlinks to a page. In contrast to the passive link construction, the links are set by an SEO itself during the active link building. This can be done, for example, via comments, forum signatures, guest articles, donation lists or the like.

A good way to actively add high-quality backlinks is to communicate with other webmasters, SEOs and bloggers, and simply ask for a backlink if the linked page offers added value to the linked website or its visitors. This possibility of active link construction is often underestimated, but it can be very effective and is associated with relatively little work.

Another good way to build backlinks is to create guest articles on blogs that are closely related to your own website. Guest articles should always have a high-quality standard and, of course, also fit externally to the style of the linked website. Many webmasters are happy to publish guest articles and a DoFollow backlink is usually an integral part of a guest article.

Previously, one of the most popular and most effective ways of backlink building up was entering a website into article or website directories. These directories often link to DoFollow and sometimes have a high PageRank. However, by automating this process using link building software and by using this link building method, this type of link construction has lost much of its importance. Article directories, social records, and other comparable services are hardly relevant to building backlinks.

Link Aug or Linktausch were a long time common practice in the search engine optimization. In the middle of 2014, however, numerous websites and link-buying platforms were punished, which has led to the fact that today hardly any link buying is carried out. Linktausch, so the reciprocal linking of websites works today to a limited extent still and is no Black Hat SEO.

In order to implement Linktausch google-compliant, no sidebar or footer links should be used, but only links from the flow text should be placed on the relevant sub-pages of the respective other websites. In this way, the website operators offer the visitors a value.

Basically, active link building is connected with a lot of work. In some cases, this work is not successful either, but active link building is often worthwhile because the generated links are usually of high durability, convey high-quality traffic and are very strong. Here is the rule of thumb: The more difficult a link is to get, the more positively it affects the linked website.

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