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Lesson 36: Article Links – Website SEO Tutorial

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As the name suggests, article links come from articles or contributions from blogs or news sites. The article link must be in the flow text of the article, it is not enough if it is only somewhere on a single page, which is largely a contribution. Post links are usually provided with dofollow, so they pass the linkjuice of the linked page.

An article link is one of the most valuable backlink types at all , which is due to several things:

  • Article links are hard to get
  • Article links are often relatively high in the (flow) text of a single page
  • Article links are mostly dofollow

As with all backlinks, the rule here is that the more difficult a backlink is, the more valuable it is and the better it is for the reputation of the linked page. The position of the link within a document is also very important: the higher up in a single subpage the link is, the higher quality it is estimated by Google. Also, the dofollow status, which results in the linkjuice of a website, makes this line types so enormously valuable for the search engine optimization.

This high value, however, also has a shadow page: since blogs are generally regarded as high-quality linkers, link-buying platforms often focus on article links, which can lead to websites with many outgoing dofollow Article links being interpreted as spam.

Nevertheless, article links are still very popular in SEO. A good backlink profile always has a small percentage of post links.

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