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Lesson 47: Backlink Profile – Website SEO Tutorial

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The backlink profile of a web page describes the holistic sum of links that lead to the page, whereby not only follow but also nofollow links belong to a good backlink profile and are included in it. The backlink profile is responsible for the calculation of PageRank and one of the most important ranking factors in modern search engine optimization.

The most important aspect in the construction and optimization of the backlink profile is naturalness. Google loves nothing more than a natural looking backlinks structure. Of course, this means nothing else but that the links are also clicked, not from spam sites come and so on. A small listing of the requirements for a perfectly optimized backlink profile would look as follows:

Not only good links belong to a natural structure, but also sidebar links and forum links. Article links are usually very strong, but with a too high percentage of backlinks coming from the flow text of a contribution, this easily makes the impression of Linkkauf, which is again punished by Google and has a negative effect on the rankings can.

The backlink structure is, of course, always determined by the anchor texts used. A healthy and natural backlink structure has both brands, as well as money and compound anchors. A compound text is a composition of several words, which can also be a keyword, often mid-tail and/or long-tail key concepts are used as compound anchors.

Even images as anchor texts come in a good backlink structure, but it is much harder for Google to assess the relevance of the link. For this reason, it is important to always optimize images for search crawler exploitation, ie title tag, description/description tag, and alternative text. From these statements – and of course the other text-based context of the page – Google closes the type of anchor, as well as the relevance of the link for the linked and the linked page.

Ideally, the composition of the anchor texts of an optimized backlink profile consists of about 60% brand links, ie domain names, brand names or the like. 30% of the anchor texts are compound links and another 10% are on money / short tail keywords. Images are included in these three categories, based on the meta specifications of the files.

Finding the right composition from nofollow and follow links is one of the main tasks a difficult task because too much or too little follow, or nofollow links, can add side damage. This is one of the reasons why OffPage search engine optimization and link building should only be performed by qualified SEOs.

In general, no value can be set as to how much follow / nofollow links are harmful; In addition, you have to differentiate between the different types of websites. While business websites often have links from customers or suppliers, and these are then followed, blogs have a much higher share of nofollow links in their blogs due to the more active activities of operators/bloggers on other blogs.

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