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Lesson 34: SEO Backlinks – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 34: SEO Backlinks - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 34: SEO Backlinks - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 34: SEO Backlinks - Website SEO Tutorial - backlinks

Meanwhile you know about most OnPage optimizations and can already operate OnPage SEO. Just as important is the off-page optimization, which deals with all factors that are not directly related to your site, but should improve the reputation of a website on Google and other search engines.

To understand the meaning of backlinks correctly, we jump to the top of Google. Why is Google the most successful search engine on the American and European search engine market? Quite simply: While other search engines were limited to reading information from the pages (such as the keyword density) during the Internet start times, use Google Links to evaluate websites. A link is seen as a recommendation , which is why well-linked sites obviously have to deliver good content and must be relevant to search engine users.

Google, therefore, values backlinks as a quality feature of a website. If many links with the anchor text “SEO München” point to a website, the probability is very high that the linked site offers services in the area of the search engine optimization in and around Munich around. This small but subtle innovation is responsible for making Google one of the most powerful search engines in the world.

A few years ago the number of backlinks was still the most important criterion for a strong ranking in search results. However, since the backlink profile is easy to manipulate, Google continuously modifies and improves its algorithm . This is why today the quality of a backlink is much more important than a number of links. Linkspam and other Black Hat methods that work through backlinks still have opportunities to catapult websites at the top of the SERPs in 2015, but after a few months, Google records the unauthorized activities and bans the corresponding pages The index.

How valuable a link is, you can recognize not only its anchor text or its follow-up status. Google incorporates many different factors into the assessment of a single link, such as whether the link is clicked, where the document is, and so on. In this way, it is possible to ensure that strong links actually lead visitor streams and Google can clearly understand the intention of the linking webmaster.

Since backlinks play a major role in the reputation of a website on Google, it is important for webmasters and website owners to have many high-quality backlinks pointing to the page to be optimized. Building backlinks through an SEO is called “link building” or simply link building, later more on this topic.

Basically, however, there are so many different types of links and thus also of backlinks that link building should only be operated by trained and experienced SEOs in order not to endanger the ranking of a page.

Which Linktypes there are, what a natural backlink profile looks like and which composition should have the backlink structure of a web page you will find in the next chapter.

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