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Lesson 48: Black-Hat Methods -Website SEO Tutorial

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Search engine optimization is designed to optimize your own website to achieve better rankings in the search results. Due to the increasingly aggressive politics of exclusion from Google against webmasters who are not Google-compliant, the so-called black-hat SEO has established itself alongside conventional SEO (white-hat SEO).

Black-Hat SEO itself actually means only working with means and ways that do not conform to the Google Webmaster guidelines. In the course of time, however, procedures have been established which aim to damage the websites of the competition in their reputation with Google so much that their rankings crash and their own page moves upwards.

One possible approach to achieving this goal is the use of a spam bot that shoots massive backlinks, for example in the form of comment links or forum links, to the domain that is to be damaged. This is not only against the Webmaster Guidelines, but is, according to German law, unfair competition and thus a criminal offense.

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