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Lesson 32: Keyword Density – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 32: Keyword Density - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 32: Keyword Density - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 32: Keyword Density - Website SEO Tutorial - Keyword Density

The keyword density is the number of keywords used in relation to the text length. The topic of keyword density is assigned to the OnPage optimization, whereby the importance of the keyword density for the search engine optimization, in general, is violently discussed.


There is no denying that the keyword density was one of the most important ranking factors several years ago. Niche sites could be catapulted to the forefront of the SERPs alone without the need to provide real content by the massive use of short and midtail keywords. For this reason, Google has probably changed this ranking factor.

Google is now very good at detecting spam, especially from keyword spam. This particular type of spam is called “keyword stuffing,” that is, the massive encumbrance of key encapsulation in a text that thereby loses its meaningfulness. It is important to optimize texts for users, not for search engine crawlers. Although a certain keyword frequency should be recognizable, it should not affect the quality of the text or make it difficult to understand.

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