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Lesson 50: User signals – Bounce Bots – Website SEO Tutorial

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Bounce bots represent a different kind of black-hat search engine optimization. While private blog networks aim to better position their own website in the search results, even if only for a few weeks, bounce bots are used to search websites from To push competitors as fast as possible into a filter and thus to slip in the search results, so that their own website moves upwards.

Lesson 50: User signals - Bounce Bots - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 50: User signals - Bounce Bots - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 50: User signals - Bounce Bots - Website SEO Tutorial - Bounce Bots

Bounce bots are programs that massively search for a specific keyword on Google, and then call the page of a competitor about the search results, which is particularly good for the chosen keyword. For Google to be convinced that it is a human search engine user and site visitor, the IP addresses are changed or completely masked with each new query. In addition, real user agents are phased out.

Once the bot has landed on the targeted side of the competitor, he immediately returns to the Google Search Results page. As modern search engines increasingly want to reduce the dependency of the backlink rating, and for this reason unconventional ranking factors can be incorporated into the page evaluation, feedbacks of usefulness, so-called user signals, are also evaluated.

If a page is now accessed by a user in the Google SERPs, the search engine registers this. If the relevant user jumps back to the search results a short time later, Google also notices this and processes this information. Since the user obviously did not find what they were looking for on the web page being accessed, the site does not seem to provide the desired information that the search engine user hoped for from a page to the chosen keyword.

As a result of this, Google uses this site with a keyword, the site loses a lot of rankings to this keyword, and minimal to other search terms. This kind of black-hat SEO is only very difficult to discover if one’s own page is not analyzed with the help of an analysis software on traffic sources. Google Analytics performs well here, but only if bot calls are not filtered out.

The use of a bounce-bots, which massively performs jumps from websites, is not permitted under German law, because it represents a targeted handicap of competitors according to §4 paragraph 10 UWG. Since the aggressor, in this case, the programmer or software user, Is very difficult or impossible to determine at all, a procedure with legal steps is hardly feasible.

Bounce bots are likely to gain in the next few years very much in importance for the Black Hat search engine optimization. Google is increasingly trying to get rid of backlinks as a quality feature of websites, and is therefore increasingly exploiting user signals. The programming of a bounce bots can be implemented relatively easily – less than 200 code lines are needed less for a clean programming style.

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