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Lesson 56: Bounce Rate – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 56: Bounce Rate - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 56: Bounce Rate - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 56: Bounce Rate - Website SEO Tutorial - Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is perhaps the most important user signal that exists. A bounce occurs when a visitor arrives on a web page through the results of the Google search and is only there for a few seconds or does not interact with the page.

A possible interaction with a web page would be, for example, sending a contact form, clicking on an internal link or running a script event. The bounce rate is influenced by many different factors, such as the loading speed, the content quality and the preparation of the information on the target page.

Above all, the loading speed of a website is becoming more and more important in the search engine optimization, since the use of search engines is increasingly shifting to mobile devices, which on the one hand often have a limited data volume and on the other hand, have a weaker Internet connection than stationary systems.

In order to effectively reduce the bounce rate, website operators and SEOs should optimize the internal linking of a website. Sidebar links, footer links, and links within the main content offer visitors the opportunity to interact with the page. Above all, pages like the imprint, which due to their nature have little internal links, should be optimized here.

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