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Lesson 17: Competitor Analysis – Website SEO Tutorial

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Before proceeding with the other OnPage factors, we will now go on a small excursion to the competition analysis. These analyzes of your competitors at Google to the top rankings to specific keywords are very important because you can exploit the possible weaknesses of other websites.

A competition analysis does not have to be done until you have defined the Ddine domain or topic area. In principle, you should take a look at your competition as often as you can, learn about their development, follow their development and make use of possible mistakes to your advantage,

The basis for each competition analysis are the keywords to which the website is to rank. So use the Google search and find out which websites are among the most popular keywords. Make a note of the 5 first websites for each keyword – these pages are the main competition that must be thwarted.

Then, compare the top 5 lists of all keywords and check if one or more websites are more than one top 5 on different keywords – the more top rankings a page has, the more you can learn from it and the more difficult it becomes It, at the appropriate websites. Now, these websites are analyzed and checked for possible errors or deficiencies. These analyzes can be very time consuming, but may provide the analyst with valuable benefits.

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