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Lesson 51: Expired Domains – Website SEO Tutorial

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Expired domains
Expired domains

Expired domains are those that were once registered and then were terminated after a certain time. As a result, these domains can then be registered again for the public. The data relevant to Google and other search engines, such as PageRank, backlinks and domain pop, are often retained.

Since these domains often have backlinks and have a PageRank, they are often registered by SEOs and then used for search engine optimization. Over time, a complete economic ecosystem has evolved around expired domains – many companies have specialized in the registration and resale of expired domains.

There are several ways to use Expired Domains. One option is to redirect the domain to an existing web page via 301-Redirect, thus sending the linkjuice to it. This method is low-cost, since no web space is required, but only the domain has to be registered with a provider.

The alternative to redirection is to use it as a web page or blog within a private blog network. Webspace is needed, so additional costs are incurred; In addition, a lot of work has to be done in order to reuse the pages through content. Subsequently, backlinks can be set from there to relevant pages.

To save the effort of content creation, some SEOs on the Expired Domains publish the content of the previous owner, as well as partially even the previous HTML code. Most of these content is downloaded from, a website dedicated to archiving the Internet.

The use of Expired Domains for search engine optimization is a kind of graze to the acceptance by Google. The use of blog networks is, in any case, a violation of the Webmaster guidelines, the redirection of a domain is not an explicit violation. However, the simplest way is to create a separate page.

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