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Lesson 38: Footer links – Free SEO Tutorial

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Footer links are backlinks, which come from the foot of a website. As mentioned above, WordPress handles the footer area internally exactly like a sidebar, but Google recognizes with ease what a sidebar and what is a footer.

The Footer contains not only references to the website itself, but also legal information such as imprint, privacy policy or general terms of business, as well as a small blogroll or links to other websites of the website operator.

Links from the footer of a website are generally very little worth. The footer is the last visible part of a website and is rarely perceived at all by the visitors of a page, so the links show low clicks, should be marked with nofollow and are more likely to be legal protection of the page.

Footer links should also be cautious: hacked pages are often manipulated so that the footer show dofollow links to other websites. In the small style, this serves the short-term increase in the ranking of the linked page, in the great style of the devaluation of the linked page (which is legally unfair competition and thus punishable).

Even if a small proportion of footer links is part of a natural backlink profile and is absolutely safe, you should not operate an active link building here.

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