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Lesson 26: Seo Internal linking – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 26: Seo Internal linking - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 26: Seo Internal linking - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 26: Seo Internal linking - Website SEO Tutorial - seo internal linking

The internal linking of a website is a topic which many SEOs unfortunately still pay far too little attention. The internal link structure of a page is essential for both crawlers and visitors.

Both groups are navigating through links within a website from A to B, and if a single page is reached, which does not offer attractive options for forwarding to other content, the user simply jumps off.

Since crawlers move from one side to the other, there should always be enough internal links to keep the crawler on its own side. This means that dead-end pages, ie sites with little or no internal links are to be avoided.

For better visualization of the internal linking of a page a diagram should be created, which can be made either by hand or by a program. In this way, dead-end pages, ie single pages with too few internal links, weakly linked pages and incorrect links, can be easily found. The resulting diagram should ideally look like a neural network, comparable to the brain in the human body.

Within this network, individual subpages, which have an increased number of outgoing links, also appear inevitably. In the ideal case, these pages should also have an above-average number of incoming internal links, in order to be able to distribute enough Linkjuice to the linked subpages. These special pages are called “hub pages” and these are essential for a perfect internal link structure.

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