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Lesson 42: Link spam – Website SEO Tutorial

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Google’s link popularity is still one of the most important rankings for a website, which has led to resourceful website owners simply building weak links to a page. Since a few years ago the number of links was even more important than their quality, the corresponding websites could achieve very good rankings without having to deliver high-quality content. This phenomenon is called link spam.

SEO Incoming linkspam 

Incoming Linkspam is spam that works over dofollow backlinks to a domain. This type of spam can be operated by hand or by a bot. Frequently, forums or comment sections are used to set backlinks. Also hacking sites and placing a link in the footer of the site is possible.

Today, Linkspam is hard to be found in itself, because Google punishes corresponding websites very rigorously. Although this method still works today to push a page to the top of the search results for a short time, however, the domains can only be kept very short before they can be used up and then can not be used for the next years.

There is also a black-hat method associated with incoming linkspam. In doing so, bad dofollow links are set to a competitor’s website in order to devalue this in the SERPs. This method of black-hat search engine optimization is very bad because it is hardly possible to counteract this. If the attack remains undetected, serious damage to the domain may occur.

The only chance to block a Black Hat attack with Linkspam is to identify relevant links using a monitoring tool and defuse them using the Google Disavow service. The problem with an incoming Black Hat link spam is that it can hardly be detected in smaller to medium pages since often no professional programs are used to monitor the backlink structure.

SEO Outgoing linkspam

Outgoing linkspam means that a website massively links with dofollow to external domains and IP addresses without having a correspondingly large backlink structure. Usually, such domains are punished very quickly, because these often serve the Black Hat SEO. A very typical recognition feature of websites with outgoing linkspam is the existence of massively linking in the footer or the sidebar of the website.

Links within the flow text can also lead to link spam. If a keyword with 400 words contains 20 times a keyword and is linked each time with a hard anchor to the same external page, the probability is high that this page is indexed very soon, just like the linked page.

Many uncertainties about outgoing link spam prevail in using a blogroll. This was previously installed in the sidebar of a page, but according to today’s standards for Google is very spam, so you should rather set up your own single page with recommended dofollow links to the outside.This helps to control the passed link juice and prevent outgoing linkspam.

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