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Lesson 22: Meta Description – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 22: Meta Description - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 22: Meta Description - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 22: Meta Description - Website SEO Tutorial - meta description

A few years ago, Google officially declared that the Meta description, ie the “Description” meta tag, is no longer a real ranking factor, which is due to the fact that Google automatically extracts pages from pages without description Flow text of a page is used as a description, and even if a description is present, sometimes the search engine does not stick to it and uses a description from the text, which may be the case, for example, if the description is deficient or the length is not fit for a snippet In the search results.


So is it worth it to create a description for each individual page of a website, if it does not include the ranking anyway? The answer is clearly YES, because even if the existence or the length of a meta description has no influence on the ranking of a website, you can use a creative text to encourage the search engine user to click on your search result.

The meta description is a true meta-specification, which is exactly the same as the title of a page – within the header section of an HTML page, using a meta tag. A meta description is inserted into an HTML as follows:


<meta name = “description” content = “This is the description of the page”>

</ head>

As with the title, you should include your two most important keywords in the description . This is important not only for the crawlers of search engines, but also for the potential visitors who are looking for a snippet in the search results, because the title is the second element that the search engine user actively perceives.

The ideal length of the meta description depends on an important factor, especially for blogs and news sites, because often the date of a post or article of the description will be in the same line (ie, under the URL within the SERP snippets). Since Google is not limited to the number of characters, but to the width of the description in pixels (about 500 pixels), for the perfect length of a description, there are only guideline values ​​that are not binding:

  • No date before description: Maximum of 156 characters (including spaces)
  • Date before description: Maximum of 139 characters (including spaces)

Of course, the description is primarily intended for the user of a search engine and inform him that the page content of high quality delivers and he finds there exactly what he is looking for. For online shops , therefore – similarly to the title of a page – should also be an incentive or a call for purchase. An example meta-spec for online stores might look like this: 

Now you can order books and software conveniently online – Secure online payment with PayPal.

This description is concise and includes the two most important short tail keywords of the fictitious side (“shoes” and “insoles”) and also gives the user the advantage of the page to pay with PayPal at the same time. Even for non-stores, action prompts can result in a plus of clicks, for example, if you want to persuade your potential visitor to get information about a situation. An example:

Search engine optimization from Berlin for online shops and business websites Contact us now!

This description consists of a long-tail keyword (“search engine optimization from Berlin for online shops”) and a request for action, which should lead the user of the search engine to start a non-binding inquiry after he has informed himself on the page ,

The user now knows that the page to which this description belongs deals with the topic of search engine optimization, offers a service, and the action focus is concentrated on Berlin. Especially for site-dependent search engine optimization (“Local SEO”), names of cities, countries or federal states are very important and can lead to a ranking advantage in the local search.

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