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Lesson 21: Meta Title – Website SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 21: Meta Title - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 21: Meta Title - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 21: Meta Title - Website SEO Tutorial - meta title

The meta title of a web page, which is displayed in the title bar of the browser window, has always been one of the most important ranking factors within the OnPage search engine optimization. Google & Co. use the content of this meta tag as a title for the search result.

The meta title is, however, not a meta-statement in the actual sense, since in valid HTML there is a separate tag for the title, which is placed in the header area of a website:

<title> This is the site title </ title>

</ head>

In the search results, the title of a result hits the search engine user first and the decision whether the user clicks your page is hit in less than one second . This is the main reason why the page title should be optimized as much as possible and why Google attaches great importance to the correct use of this meta tag. Good meta titles should meet the following requirements:

  • The main keyword should occur 1 time
  • The second most important keyword should occur 1 time
  • The meta title is intended to convey the content of the site to potential visitors
  • For online shops: The title should contain a call for action

The content of the title is so important to Google that the two most important keywords should always be in the title; The main keyword is therefore the first word in the page title. The ideal page title therefore looks as follows:

SEO Berlin – Agency for Search Engine Optimization Name GmbH 

This title is composed of the most important keyword as described, in this case a mid-tail keyword: “SEO Berlin”. Then the second most important keyword to which the page should be optimized follows, in this case another mid-tail term: “Agency for search engine optimization”. This is followed by the name of the domain or the company, which serves branding purposes and helps you establish a brand on the Internet, which is becoming increasingly important for Google.

For online shops, however, you should choose a different type of title, as you are only targeting commercial or action-oriented visitors. An action request is therefore indispensable, which is why the ideal title for an online shop is as follows:

Buy shoes online at low prices

In this case, the main keyword is not clearly definable, since, for example, “shoe inserts” is a short-tail keyword, the entire term “shoe inserts online ordering” is a mid-tail term. This title serves as an active prompt to the site visitor and search engine users to click the page and make an order. This is followed by the brand name again. The principle of accommodating an incentive within the title of a website comes from the search engine marketing and is the ideal solution for online shops to direct buyers to a shop.

Long-tail keywords such as “Buying a vacuum cleaner without a bag in Hanover” are only suitable for the title of a page because LTKs are often too long to be integrated efficiently – these keyword groups are therefore more likely to be part of a description Page, so in the description tag of a website.

The perfect length of the title in characters is difficult to determine since Google has not set a certain number of characters as a guideline, but the width of the title in pixels. A title can have a maximum width of 512 pixels, so the ideal title usually consists of 55 characters.

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