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Lesson 46: Outgoing links – Website SEO Tutorial

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Outgoing links. The fact that linkages, i.e the exclusively with nofollow link to external websites, has negative consequences for the linking sites, is now known. But even if you link to follow on other websites, you can make optimizations here in order to get the most out of the outgoing links for your own domain.

Outgoing links. Out-of-date links show Google, which topic covers the linking website, which would like to provide further information of the website operators to its visitors and more. Alone on the basis of the anchor texts, Google can feed its algorithm with data, which then allows both the linked and the linking website to be more precisely classified and evaluated. So if you link to topic-related or themed blogs/pages with dofollow, it is also a big favor to its own side.

If a website has a ranking slump, and the first suspicion of outbound linkspam falls, all outgoing links should be set to nofollow. After a reconsideration request, it remains to be seen whether this was really the cause. In most cases, however, Webmasters do not even get close to the outbound link density that Google Linkspam would represent.

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