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Lesson 58: User Signals – Pages / session – Website SEO Tutorial

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This metric shows how many pages are viewed on average per session and is a good indicator of the quality of a web page and its internal linking. Naturally, the number of pages per session on blogs, magazines or news pages is higher than for business websites or online shops. Here it is necessary to provide content and link them meaningfully among each other.

Topic: User Signals: Pages / session

Like the length of stay, a low number of pages per session is not necessarily a bad signal, because here too, visitors can get to the page, which will jump back after finding the required information. As a rule, optimizing this value to the highest possible level should be a high priority.

Topic: User Signals: Pages / session

This value is very interesting for online shops or advertising-financed pages because the more pages are displayed, the greater the interest of a visitor in the products or services of the website operator. At the same time, for websites with banners with a lot of page calls / sessions, the likelihood of an ad banner being clicked.

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