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Leson 4: Part 3 – OffPage SEO for beginners

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The OffPage search engine optimization (SEO)  deals with the reputation of a website with Google and how high their reputation with the search engine is. In general, OffPage SEO is based on backlinks, because only through the evaluation of a link from one page to another as a recommendation could Google become the most popular search engine in the American and European area.

In this third part of our SEO tutorial, we will cover backlinks and their relevance to SEO, as well as learn more about social media in search engine optimization and about outbound links.

OffPage SEO for beginners

Backlinks – DoFollow and NoFollow

Since links can either be a recommendation for the reader or only unimportant margin notices, Google has introduced the nofollow attribute for links . Links that are marked with an appropriate attribute are not evaluated and there is no link juice from the linker to the linked page.

Nevertheless, no-followback links should not be neglected, because even if Google does not follow them, the target pages can be indexed by the crawler and if the traffic flow is correspondingly high, this can have a positive effect on the rankings of the target page.

The quality of backlinks

No link is like the other, because there are many factors that influence the quality of a link. The higher the quality of a link, the more positively it affects the reputation of the landing page on Google. Some quality features for links are as follows:

  • PageRank
  • anchor text
  • Position of links within the content
  • Traffic flow
  • Number of outgoing links

While PageRank has become increasingly important for search engine optimization over time, other indicators have become much more important. Especially the traffic flow and the position of the link in the flow text of the site are now important quality features for links.

Link Age, Link position, and anchor text

Specifically, these three factors play a major role in weighting a link. The link age indicates how long the link already exists. Typically, Google needs several weeks to months to truly trust a link. Only then can its influence have a positive effect on the linked site.

The position of the link is also very important. While links from the footer of a page or the sidebar have little influence on how good the link is, a link from the flow text – ideally in the ideal case at the beginning of the text – is worth gold. In addition, the less outgoing links have a single page, the more Linkjuice flows over each link and the better the link ends.

The anchor texts, ie the linking text, give Google information about the topic of the linked content. In this way, you can control which keywords should target the landing page. A good mix of anchor texts is a prerequisite for a successful OffPage optimization.

OffPage SEO for beginners

How do I get good links?

In principle, it can be said: the easier a link is to get, the lower is the value of this link for OffPage SEO. Because of this, links from portals, which automate many links, such as industry books, web directories, social bookmarking services, etc., are hardly relevant for search engine optimization.

Also, Linkkauf or Linktausch should not be operated excessively: Google goes regularly against larger link-selling platforms and also frequent Linktausch is not liked.

However, there are some ways to get high-quality backlinks without much effort. Some of these are:

  1. Guest contributions on related blogs
  2. Free eBooks or Podcasts
  3. Tutorials or tutorials
  4. interviews

The targeted response of potential linkers can also work: If an article is on its own, which could offer a significant added value to the readers of another page, the site operator can be accessed via mail or social media.

Social Media for OffPage SEO

The influence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co. on the search engine optimization is very controversial, according to the official statement of Google so-called social signals , so important key figures such as Likes, shares, follower, etc. are overestimated.

OffPage SEO for beginners

Nevertheless, much attention and traffic can be generated via social media. Furthermore well-maintained social media profiles (and, of course, connected with the website) help to present their own brand as a recognizable brand. Google has long been attaching great importance to branding and familiar websites much more than unknown sites.

However, the most important function of social media for search engine optimization is the possibility of being able to network with other website operators. In this way, requests for interviews, guest articles and so forth can be created, and the attention is directed to one’s own page, which increases the likelihood that a potential linker will notice its own content.

OffPage SEO for beginners

Why outbound links are important

Many website owners think that linking to other sites with DoFollow suffers its own reputation, because Linkjuice runs away. This is, however, doubly wrong, because first links to a natural link profile (which Google attaches a lot of importance) and secondly, Linkjuice does not flow, it is only passed on – so the link-giving page does not lose this.

OffPage SEO for beginners

By linking a page, Google also learns a lot about the content of the linker: Since a link is a recommendation to the reader, the linked page deals with a similar topic as the linking one, and Google can better classify the linker. Also, the anchor text of the link is noted and strengthens the understanding of the crawler for the own website.

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