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Lesson 28: Possible transformations – Free SEO Tutorial

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Similar to hubpages, there are also specific patterns for different types of websites for internal linking. The SEO principle ” Users first ” also applies here. This means that the internal linking should be designed in such a way that primarily users – ie visitors to the website – get an advantage and can move more efficiently on the page. Only then should special measures be taken to keep search engine crawlers longer on the page.

Users are primarily guided by navigation. The main navigation should, in any case, be clearly recognizable as such, for example, the size of the font or special color effects. Navigation in the sidebar or in the footer is helpful to keep users on the website even if they have already found the information they are looking for. The sidebar navigation should be as far up as possible and also be marked as navigation.

For crawlers, it is especially important that they never reach a point or a single page, which does not provide any further internal links, so that they have to leave the page. Especially mandatory pages such as the data protection, the imprint or the contact page of a website are particularly vulnerable. With a few tricks, however, this problem is easy to circumvent:

  • Imprint: In the imprint, general information about the author of the page is usually displayed. On the one hand, the homepage can be linked again here, on the other hand, emerging words, which can be linked with a product or service of the page, can also be linked.
  • Data protection : Data protection is usually created by an attorney, or a text created using an online generator is inserted. As far as the legal situation allows to change this text, an incipient brand name can be linked to the homepage.
  • Contact page: The contact page often contains general contact information as well as a contact form. Additional content should be provided here, for example via the contact person, which can then be linked separately. Links to services or products can also be found on the contact page.

The footer navigation and menus in the sidebar are always appropriate to suggest an alternative way for crawlers, regardless of the type of the single page.

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