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Lesson 54: Potential link sources – Website SEO Tutorial

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Potential link sources. As already mentioned several times, the more difficult it is to get a backlink, the more worth it. Whoever believes that only a little search is a good source for high-quality backlinks is a great mistake. However, weak backlinks can already speed up indexing, which is why at the beginning of a new site it can be worthwhile to put some purpose backlinks.

Potential link sources. One possible source for this is web and article directories. These have played a large part in the search engine optimization many years ago, but this has not been the case for a long time. Simple backlinks can be obtained here very quickly and Google can index the linked website faster.

Also, guest contributions can provide backlinks and these are generally of high quality. Firstly, a blog should be selected, which is similar to the web page to be linked. The guest contribution itself should have at least 800 – 1000 words, do not represent duplicate content and offer a real added value to the reading.

Potential link sources. Another option, cheap and fast to get to backlinks, are donations. Many organizations or associations, especially in the IT sector, publish their donation lists with links to donor sites. For a small amount, you can buy a place on the donation list. The links from there are mostly dofollow and of good quality.

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