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Lesson 49: Private Blog Networks (PBNs) – Website SEO Tutorial

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Private blog networks are a form of black-hat SEO, which aims to bring your own website to the top of Google search results within the shortest possible time. PBNs still work today, and they can be used for their own projects, but private blogs should never be used for customer sites.

As the name suggests, a private blog network is a network of many different blogs/websites that have different themes. All these blogs are run by a single person. If a customer site or another project is to rank better in the SERPs, then simply dofollow backlinks are set from these pages, which is equivalent to a natural and high-quality linking.

So that Google does not realize that it is a network of blogs, the different domains are often registered privately. In addition, the individual pages are located on different servers from different vendors, so the server location and IP address are always different. In the imprint, there are always different names or no name at all.

But why do you use blogs for a page network for link building? Quite simply, Google is still of the opinion that links from blogs are of higher quality than links that come from other sites. This is quite understandable because blogs are mostly operated by individuals, who also work in their spare time. In addition, current topics are dealt with in blogs which are highly relevant.

Important for PBNs is that the individual domains are not linked to each other. This process has worked a few years ago, but Google now notes that certain pages are unnaturally linked and simply deprecate all the links on this network.

Today, private blog networks are frequently used by experienced SEOs for their own projects, which are to be pushed briefly but can then land calmly in Nirvana. However, using private blogs for customer sites is not advisable because it is often only a matter of time before Google can establish a connection and radically punish the pages.

If you are commissioning an SEO or an SEO agency with a search engine optimization campaign, please ensure that the use of Black-Hat SEO is expressly not allowed in the service contract.

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