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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Website seo tutorial

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Website seo tutorial - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Website seo tutorial - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Website seo tutorial - Search Engine Optimization)

The search engine optimization , or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means a sum of actions to optimize a website aim to achieve better rankings in Google or other search engines on certain keywords. If you are interested in web design and would like to run your own website, you will have to deal with the topic of search engine optimization sooner or later.

Here, divided SEO into two main components : The on page optimization and off-page optimization . However, before these optimization steps can be applied at all, an analysis of the appropriate keywords must first be carried out.

OnPage optimization

The OnPage optimization as part of the search engine optimization means all steps to improve the website, which concern the content (content) or the technical basis of the page. OnPage factors are all on the server or on the page to be optimized. Especially the content of the site plays a very important role here.

Among other things, in the course of the OnPage optimization, the meta data of the individual subpages are also compiled with regard to the favored keywords, a clear internal link structure, which is also easy to understand for GoogleCrawler, is built up, media content is made comprehensible for search engines and much more ,

Unlike OffPage optimization, OnPage optimization is based on a specific pattern and can be clearly structured and planned . Instructions for the OnPage search engine optimization can be found on Google. Nevertheless, it should not be simply optimized, since the risk of over-optimization and thus a punishment by Google exists.

OffPage optimization

The OffPage optimization is often referred to as a link build or linkbuilding and describes the setting of backlinks to your own website from other sites. There are many different ways to get backlinks, with OffPage Optimization being a difficult field for beginners and inexperienced SEOs, as you can do big damage to your site with a few errors .

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks is to link your own site to forums, blog comments, or guest articles, where Google’s comment and forum links have been devalued in recent years. Especially novices in the field of SEO is strongly advised by active linkbuilding . Instead, in the case of non-professional optimization, organic link growth should be preferred by high-quality content.

Content Marketing

Especially recently, since Google’s tougher approach to buying links and other undesirable SEO practices, so-called content marketing is becoming more and more important and is therefore being increasingly promoted by agencies and service providers. Content marketing is actually an area from the OnPage optimization, but not the technical, but the content OnPage side.

Content Marketing describes the creation of high-quality content , which does not have to have anything to do with a product or service, but simply to provide the user with added value. In this way, content is created which, due to the high quality and the high added value, are willingly linked by other webmasters or bloggers. Content marketing is the most natural and perhaps most effective method to get strong backlinks.

Picture and video SEO

The search engine optimization for pictures, videos and other multimedial content is particularly important for pages that offer relatively little text content, but are very image-intensive. Even if Google attaches great importance to many text content, now websites without massive text material can achieve good rankings in the SERPs.

Since Google can already recognize the content of images (if rather badly than right) and scans spoken texts in videos to find keywords, but otherwise is rather immobile in interpreting image and video material, it should Google as easily as Be made possible. This means: to make the multimedial content readable for the crawler in order to achieve as precise a classification as possible into a topic field and then as good a ranking as possible.

Lesson 8: What is Content Marketing? – Website SEO Tutorial

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