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Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017

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Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017 - Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017 - Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017 - Blogging Tips 2017
Blogging Tips 2017

The success of an online blog, no matter what topic it is dealing with, depends on many different factors. In addition to the frequency of publication and the quality of the text, the structure, linking in social networks and the use of multimedial content also play an important role. We can not influence some of these factors at all, for example it can happen that the frequency of publication can not be increased because of a lack of time. However, we can influence some other factors for better blogs, and in this article I would like to give you some tips on how to improve the quality of your blog with little effort.

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Intelligent topic-finding

The choice of the topic of an article can often be very difficult and long, which is why it is important to think about the topic in the free time, when one has no demanding tasks to do. Every smartphone today has at least one note app installed, which should be used in any case to save spontaneous ideas for posts and to restore thought for the future. Whether from the notated ideas then actually become blog entries, is only once, as long as not some topics remain on the line because of forgetfulness.

Furthermore, it can be useful to blog about topics whose perception or scientific basis has changed massively in recent times. Just blog a little bit in the archive of any blog that deals with a theme appropriate to your weblog, and are guaranteed to come across a blog post about a topic that would be handled differently today than at the time of the first release. A different tip for finding the perfect topic is a series of articles, since larger topics, which would actually break the scope of a single article, are treated much more detailed and detailed, so that the topic finding for several articles is ended at the same time.

  • Topic: Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017

Do not leave old items dusty

A considerable share of traffic from organic search results lands in older articles, which often address highly specific questions. In the course of the natural aging process of an article, however, it is normal that the internal linking to this article will eventually decrease and thus hardly show any traffic within the page on these posts. This is why it is important to keep older articles in the form of, for example, best lists, topic pages, glossaries, relevant topics, etc., and to link them internally on an ongoing basis, as these articles, despite their age, can also offer their visitors considerable added value.

Auto-related posting at the end of an article can also help keep site visitors and bloggers longer on their own page and increase the number of average page views per session, which ultimately result in better positions on Google due to positive user signals can.

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Use clean outline

Not only from the SEO point of view is a carefully conceived outline of the content, with headings and text sections essential. Frequently, blog visitors do not read the complete text of an article, but rather first glance at it to get a first picture of quality and subject matter. You should accept this, even if your visitors can then leave your blog under certain circumstances, because without a meaningful outline your readers disappear after a few milliseconds – guaranteed!

Use sensible sub-headings, divide the text into several subdivided paragraphs, and if possible, make the headings of the individual paragraphs already before your own text, as this helps to keep the core theme of each paragraph in mind.

Keep software up to date

Whether the content management system itself, plug-ins or themes – all components that appear in versions and theoretically obsolete should always be kept up-to-date. Not only do new messages of security gaps appear which are due to errors in plug-ins and can only be corrected with the help of an update, but the performance of each CMS-based page is minimized by obsolete technology. It may even cause the page to be completely destroyed because two or more plug-ins can not exist parallel to each other or cause complications with the WordPress theme. You should try,

  • Topic: Simply Better Blogging Tips 2017


The quality of each weblog can be significantly improved with a few tips and can result in a traffic increase as well as more sales and a higher publication frequency. Better blogging is therefore not an art, but follows simple rules that every blogger can learn.

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