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Lesson 53: The PageRank – Free SEO Tutorial

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Lesson 53: The PageRank - Free SEO Tutorial - Lesson 53: The PageRank - Free SEO Tutorial - Lesson 53: The PageRank - Free SEO Tutorial - PageRank

The PageRank (PR) is the most important reason why Google is today the most successful search engine in English-speaking and European countries. The PageRank is a rating system for websites from 0 – 10 and does not measure the quality of the website itself, but the quality of the incoming linkjuice.

With SEOs, the PageRank is now very unpopular because it is a weak indicator of the quality of a page and can be manipulated very easily. For this reason, Google also increasingly withdraws from PageRank as a ranking criterion, or at least from backlinks.

In 2014, Google officially announced that it was not updating PageRank in its toolbar, but this does not mean that it is now completely unnecessary. As before, the PageRank is an appropriate method for discussing how much a link is worth from a website with a certain PageRank. The higher the PageRank, the more valuable the link for the linked website.

Until a site gets a PageRank of 1, it can take a long time: up to a year is nothing unusual. PageRank 8 is already hugely high and the Page Ranks 9 and 10 usually do not reach ordinary websites. These ranks remain likely to be judged by major social networks and corporate websites.

Whether the PageRank disappears completely from the screen over time can be difficult to estimate – but the loss of importance in the area of search engine optimization is difficult to deny. However, the PageRank also has an important function outside the search engine optimization.

For the buyers and sellers of website projects and domains, the PageRank plays an important role. Especially when buying and selling Expired domains, as these are only acquired for link purposes and the PageRank is the clearest signal for many high-quality incoming backlinks. 

The PageRank was easily influenced by strong links. It is also possible to use a redirection to mirror the PageRank of a URL, which is why you should never rely directly on PageRank as a quality feature but should also check the backlinks.

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