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Lesson 55: Seo User signals – Website SEO Tutorial

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In addition to backlinks and content quality, Google and many other search engines place more emphasis on so-called user signals. This means that factors are included in the calculation of the quality of a web page that comes from visitors to the website.

In this way, search engines can gather information that can not be tracked by crawling sites or mathematical calculations. The idea behind this is that if a lot of visitors to a page like their content and they find the information they are looking for, or perhaps even stay longer on the landing page, the site has good content and can, therefore, slide upwards in the ranking.

How many user signals Google actually evaluates is not known. However, according to the official statement of the responsible persons in the search engine group, the data from Google Analytics are not simply taken over, but data are used for the calculation based on the mere use of the search engine. However, the following metrics are likely to play an important role.


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