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Lesson 7: What is OffPage SEO – Website SEO Tutorial

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The optimization according to OffPage criteria deals with all optimization measures that are not correlated directly with the website itself, but are intended to increase the relevance of the page in search engines.

The main component of the OffPage SEO is the creation of high-quality backlinks, i.e links from other websites to the website to be optimized.

Topic: What is OffPage SEO – Website SEO Tutorial.

This process – the active settings of the links – is called link-building and represents the king class of the search engine optimization, because here creativity, communication skill and also a bit of luck belongs to it.

In addition to the link-building, social factors also play a role, in other words, the networking, or the mention of a page in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on.

Topic: What is OffPage SEO – Website SEO Tutorial.

Even if, according to the official statement from Google, social signals (social signals) are still being overestimated in 2014, most SEOs assume that the impact of social networks will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future No-one should underestimate the (long-term) impact of social media on the search engine optimization.

The OffPage search engine optimization is addressed in this book after the OnPage optimization, since many OnPage factors , especially content optimization steps, form the basis for a successful linkbuilding and therefore should be worked through first.

In addition, transparent and sustainable link building is not a matter of a few days, but a continuous development that has to be pursued consistently over several months in order to build up a strong backlink profile.

Topic: What is OffPage SEO – Website SEO Tutorial.

SEO tools are especially important for monitoring the backlink structure of a website, ie highly specialized software (often in the form of SaaS solutions), which display errors on the page and provide an overview of the existing backlinks to a website.

While there are free solutions, they often do not offer as much data and capabilities as cost-effective tools. In a later chapter, you’ll learn more about SEO tools and get an overview of which tools are suitable for what purpose.

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